Are We Really Still Watching ‘Friday Night Tykes’?

Are we really doing this again? Seriously trying to hide behind the guise of life lessons? Of people seeing their worst side in order to find their better?

Esquire Network aired the first episode of “Friday Night Tykes” season two this past Tuesday, and… wait is the network really going to do this whole thing again? This is about six- to 11-year olds, right?

Are the coaches still going to yell and scream and probably demean because “we’re trying to coach up these young bucks into young men”? Will they show the ugly side to coach-parent politics? Will the coaches play to the cameras that are surrounding them or will they shy away?

Are the parents still going to yell and scream at their kids in the name of love and trying to make their kids better by building a thick skin, and will they be damned if it makes them look out-of-touch and over-the-top because they will be more damned if their kids aren’t judged as better than the other kids? Will they think their kid is the best and all of the other kids are the worst? Will they heap on the pressure probably to the point of tears and praise to the point of – well is there even praise deserved if it’s not their kid?

Are the kids still going to be pawns in the conniving games of the coaches and parents? Are they still going to be the focus of parents vicariously living out athletic hopes and dreams on the youth football fields across Texas? Will they still be, ya know, just kids?

Are the executives at Esquire Network still going to keep airing such a tone-deaf program, the same program that even the tone-deaf NFL disapproved of through its youth football program, USA Football? Seriously, are the ratings really worth it? Is this what it’s like to “be a man,” watching kids act out what you think masculinity to be, Esquire?

Are the viewers still going to continue tuning in? Really, as a society we haven’t found a fictional show that invokes the same emotions and feelings or, like, actual sports for the sake of the actual sports and not for the actual contrived dramedy that “Friday Night Tykes” actually is? Are viewers really – purposely or not – ignorant to all NFL controversy and all now-known consequences to playing football and contact sports and all the scientific research?

Are we really not going to look ourselves in the mirror and think about this? Is this really what we need on TV for another season, or at all even? Are we really not better than this?

Are we really going to do this again?


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