The Trentonian: “From Kenya to the Gridiron”


Better late than never, right?

Early last month I was able to share Kevin Manyara’s story in the pages of The Trentonian, a daily newspaper that serves the Mercer County, N.J. area. I found Kevin’s journey and story too good to pass up, and was lucky enough to find an outlet to let me look deeper into it.

Just a quick summary since there are a lot of moving parts. Kevin was born in Kenya and came to the United States after high school by way of the Kenya Scholar Athlete Project (KenSAP). KenSAP, which I first learned about while reading David Epstein’s fantastic book The Sports Gene, helps exceptional western Kenyan students earn entry into top U.S. colleges. A combination of grades — mostly grades — and athletics — applicants run the 1,500 meter, most for the first time — help KenSAP narrow down to about a dozen students per year.

Kevin was selected and gained entrance into Princeton University of the Ivy League. Not only has Kevin excelled in the classroom, he also plays sprint football for the Tigers. He had never played American football before Princeton; he had played basketball in high school in Kenya. So not only is Kevin adapting to college life in the United States, he’s also learning a brand new sport.

To read about Kevin’s remarkable story, visit it online at The Trentonian.


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