Guest Post at Sports Analytics Blog

sa blogAlthough at times it seems that general, unsupported buffoonary is becoming the norm in the media world, analytics is quickly making its way into the mainstream sports conversation.  Just as Grantland changed the online media game for sports long-form journalism, story-telling, and multi-media, there are two new sites that look to do the same for analytics and statistics in sports: Peter Gammons’ Gammons Daily, which launches tomorrow, and Nate Silver’s soon-to-be ESPN-branded FiveThirtyEight.

Here is a clip from the post:

Even if Grantland is not for you, its influence on the sports media world cannot be overlooked or undervalued. With a slew of writer-centric sites now out there and more to come, Grantland has undeniably changed the game. Now, with analytics heavy approaches, Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight and Peter Gammons’ Gammons Daily look to bring statistical analysis further into the mainstream media conversation.

Check out the full post on Sports Analytics Blog and be sure to leave your thoughts! For more on sports analytics, follow the Sports Analytics Blog on Twitter @SAnalyticsBlog.


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