Look In The Mirror, Change Starts With Ourselves

We blame conservatives, and we blame liberals.  We blame the rich, and we blame the poor.  We blame our best friends, and we blame people in faraway countries that we’ve never heard of nor seen.  Whether the blame lies on either side of an argument or somewhere in the middle – where blame often lies – it is all a vicious game of hide and seek with the truth.  Unfortunately, the truth is rarely found because we insist on looking at everything other than the real culprit: ourselves.

In the land where the “American Way” reigns supreme, American’s have all but lost their way.  Americans have lost sight of right and wrong.  Americans have lost sight of themselves. We see it every single day in every facet of life.  The obesity epidemic.  Violence whether it is by bombs, guns, knives, hands, or words.  Abuse in any form.  Unethical and irresponsible business dealings.  An incredible ineptitude for working together towards a common cause. Putting the dollar in front of everything.  You name it, it is probably happening.

The land of opportunity used to be bright, but these days it is looking quite grim.  America was established on a desire for government and religious freedom, but its Holy Trinity is looking more like “the dollar, the gun, and the ‘Oh yea, I’ll super-size that’” than anything near the principles it was founded on.  Whether we like it or not, the ship is sailing onward.  Now it is time for all of us as individuals to decide whether we are going to board it or continue to resist the inevitable.

America was founded on a blind trust in the unknown, in change, and in hope.  Now we steer clear of the unknown and change as if it were the plague.  Somehow, some way, through it all we still keep our hope.  But why?  There cannot be hope if there is no change.

So what will it take for America to change?  We see the horrors of our current way day in and day out, yet everything stays the same.  We immediately turn to the blame game because world be damned if the blame is on ourselves.  It is always the other guy, without fail and most times without reason.  That is where the problem lies.  We are all sitting up so high on our proverbial perch that we refuse to address the problem head on.  We refuse to look in the mirror.

We are too busy with work.  We are too busy with school.  We are too busy with this, that, and the other thing that we refuse to change the one thing in this world that we can control: ourselves.  If we all look in the mirror and objectively look at how we can better ourselves as well as the people around us, then just think about all the bad that will vanish and all the good that will spread.

Is it too idealistic of a view?  Maybe.  But is it possible?  Yes.  It is too easy to denounce the idea.  Oh, it will never happen.  Oh, the people that need to hear it will never hear it or even listen to it.  But what is the harm in trying?  Are we not already at rock bottom?

Resistance to change may stem from the fact that we refuse to look in the mirror.  We refuse to look in the mirror because that requires admitting our mistakes.  Admitting our mistakes leaves us open to others preying on our own insecurities.  We are afraid of what we may see if we just stop for a second and look at ourselves in the mirror, so we spend more time avoiding it than if we actually worked on our issues from the start.  It is a never-ending circle, and the same circle may prove to be our ultimate weakness.  If we do not stop the circle, then it will just continue in perpetuity.  But, as much as we may think the contrary, it does not have to continue forever.

We have the chance to change it all.  We do not have to sit back and watch tragedy after tragedy and epidemic after epidemic and say “same old, same old.”  We need to stop blaming others.  We need to look ourselves in the mirror.  We need to change.


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