We Can All Be Heroes If We All Agree To Change

Whenever the nation that we live in is rocked by tragedy, namely murder by way of a firearm and on a larger scale mass-murder, I’m left amazed.  I’m amazed not because things like today’s mass-murder at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. surprise me.  To be honest, I’m rarely surprised by anything that happens in this world.  I’m amazed that as a society, we continue to oppose action that could limit, and ideally eliminate, these sorts of gun-induced tragedies.

Whenever the nation we live in is rocked by a tragedy, we send our electronic thoughts and prayers and blessings and hearts out through social media while sitting on our computers.  We sit and talk about how much we hate the world and how much the world sucks and how awful some people in this world truly are.  You know what else is awful?  Inaction.

Saying how much you hate the country or how much people suck is not changing one damn thing.  If you really think that the world sucks, think about what you can do.  Go out there and try to change it.  Try to make the world a better place.  It’s something that we should all be trying to do on a daily basis.

I’m not going to go on some gun control rant.  I did that already today on Twitter.  I think that it’s sickening that we live in a world where this kind of tragedy can strike – in a school no less, a damn school where adults send their kids every single day and expect their kids to come home safely – and we do nothing.

Politicians beat around the bush of gun control, never directly taking the issue head on as it should be.  We live in a world where this kind of tragedy can strike, and people still defend the Second Amendment that was drafted well over 200 years ago.  In a country where we boast about being so far ahead of the world, when we look in the mirror we may actually be woefully behind. We’ve had 31 school shootings since Columbine.  The rest of the world combined has 14 combined in that time.

Whenever the nation we live in is rocked by a tragedy, we praise the heroes that were on the ground helping others out of harm’s way.  This is great, and it should never change.  But what if we could all be heroes?  Let’s all make a conscious effort to change the world that we live in.

Maybe that is by adopting stricter gun laws.

Maybe that is by breaking through the stigma of reaching out to somebody that needs help even if they don’t say it.

Maybe that is changing the way we do politics and government and pass laws, so that the people that run for office can actually do the job they are elected to do.

Maybe that is by valuing common sense, life, the lives of others, and obvious statistical fact over greed and the dollar.

Maybe that is by looking at the unintended consequences of both our actions and inactions.

There are some many ways to make your voice heard these days.  Social media is one of them.  It keeps us informed and if you look at it the right way, it can show you the way.  Social media can direct you to the places where change can be made.  It could be your congressman’s website and email address.  It could be an online petition.  It could be eye-opening statistics.  Social media is a powerful tool.  Let’s all use it to do some good.

The way we go about things now isn’t perfect, in fact, it’s broken.  We’ve lost our way.  Let’s find a new, better way.  Let’s all make a change.  Let’s all be the difference in the world.

If you watch one video today, watch this one.  Barack Obama, who has led this country through some of its toughest times including a war, breaks down over today’s tragedy.  If today doesn’t serve as a turning point, what will?


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